Minor Story ArcThe Tale of Cimerora


Mission Index

  1. Speak with Antonia Severa
  2. Speak to Brutticus Aurelius
  3. Speak to Atticus the Commoner
  4. Speak to Julia Pria
  5. Speak with Old Woman

Agree to hear the tale

Senator Decimus Aquila

I am not the one to adequately tell the full tale of Cimerora. It is the citizens of this meager fort, who have suffered the trials and heartbreak under the rule of Romulus, who are best suited to this task. Would you hear these tales?

You do me a kindness, stranger. Red Tomax is it? A strong and powerful name for any man. If you will permit an old deposed Senator some time, I will send you along your way shortly.

These are difficult times, you see. I fear that, if the bloodshed continues, our cause and the powers that strengthen our great heroes will one day be lost. If you have not yet decided to aid us, please speak to Antonia Severa, the wife of a slain soldier. Perhaps she will help change your mind.

Part 1: Speak with Antonia Severa
Delivery @ Cimerora
Antonia Severa

Greetings, stranger. The Senator has sent you over to hear my tale, has he not? It is a sad one, I am afraid. I am the wife of Gaius Severa. He was one of Valerius' top men, highly decorated in fact, during the rule of Imperious.

When Romulus sought to take over Cimerora from within, my husband fought alongside Valerius each day. They were so much like brothers. Valerius tells me that my husband was slain in Vespillos Pass, as he leaped in front of him, blocking a sword meant for his head.

My husband died an honorable death and I miss him. But these are the days of blood and battle and, sadly, many of the widows here have tales like mine.

You should speak to Brutticus Aurelius. He is a fine soldier and is fiercely dedicated to Imperious. He can tell you more.

Part 2: Speak to Brutticus Aurelius
Delivery @ Cimerora
Brutticus Aurelius

I do not recognize the tribe or battalion of your garb, but I sense a fierce thirst for power in you, for good or bad, I do not yet know. You are a soldier of sorts, of that I am sure, so you will understand my tale.

I am in complete servitude to Imperious, the former ruler of Cimerora. He was ostracized from his kingdom some months back by Romulus, a pathetic and conniving pig of a man. To look at Romulus months ago, you would not believe this act to be something he would be capable of. One day, however, he changed. By the demigods of Hades, his power grew. I am sure of it. He has harnessed something so powerful that it defies logic and understanding. But he is a fool and barely controls it. If he is left to his own foolishness, this power will be his undoing.

I welcome that day. The man is dangerous. However, if this ... power ... is unleashed, I fear it will be the end of all our strength, and of the generations to come.

Go now and speak to Atticus the Commoner. This war affects all of us and he has his own tale to tell.

Part 3: Speak to Atticus the Commoner
Delivery @ Cimerora
Atticus the Commoner

I am Atticus. Just Atticus, a humble fisherman.

I come from no great birth or lineage, but I have lived here in Cimerora for all of my life. Until Romulus took over, this was a peninsula of opportunity. I felt that I had a voice and was taken care of by Imperious. But now, all of us who are loyal to Imperious have been cast out to this small fort.

Romulus lives the life of an impostor Emperor, reaping the rewards of all the work Imperious has put a lifetime into. He is a bad man. Evil. Something dark lives inside him, I think. I cannot explain it. But he is not the man he used to be and I fear for us all. If we cannot find the soldiers to fight against him, our cause will be lost. Not only that, the cause of all future generations as well.

You should go talk to Julia Pria, one of our town merchants. She can tell you how this war has affected her, too.

Part 4: Speak to Julia Pria
Delivery @ Cimerora
Julia Pria

Hello, traveler. Do you seek to hear my tale, as well? Ah good. The Senator has been sending to me travelers he thinks can best aid us so that I may give them my own story. That I shall do.

This beautiful town used to be the jewel of the peninsula. Ships once lined up to dock in our marina and trade among other lands was constant. Each morning, the sounds of tradesmen and townsfolk hawking their wares and haggling each other could be heard across the city. We were prosperous and the Emperor, who had a mind not only for rule, but for economics as well, set forth agreements and policy so that even the least of us was taken care of.

Those days are long past us now. Almost daily, Romulus' men lay siege to this fort and attack us both subtly and in plain daylight. His men have pillaged the town, kidnapped its women, and frightened away traders from lands across the sea.

We get by, but for how much longer, I do not know. If you would take on our cause, perhaps we could one day move back into the Kingdom and take our place as its rightful citizens.

If you have not done so already, you should speak to the old woman on the hill. Hers is a very insightful if not confusing tale.

Part 5: Speak with Old Woman
Delivery @ Cimerora
Old Woman

See you, Red Tomax, I do. A time not now you are from. My eyes see not, but understand you I do. Know I speak true and listen to me well. Dark times to come. All that is then will end from the darkness now. Gone. Power. Gone. End of the demigods.

Evil the crystals be. They are part of the thing that sleeps, but will soon wake. It is the mechanical colossus that brings death to us all. Stop Romulus and beware the dark thing that sleeps. If it ever wakes, the light will go out. Only darkness for the time that is now until the time that is then. The end of us all will it be.

Senator Decimus Aquila

We are a small fort now, Red Tomax. Once we were great. We will be again. Thank you for listening to our tale, you have warmed the heart of an old Senator who has yet to give up hope.

Souvenir: Cimeroran Coin

Each time you look at the ancient coin, you are reminded of travelling back in time to Cimerora and meeting a bested but not beaten Senator who introduced you to the various peoples of the picturesque peninsula. It's a little reminiscence you like to recall as...

The Tale of Cimerora

Once the shock had worn off and you realized you were truly standing somewhere in the ancient Mediterranean, you made your way up the path towards the village's plaza and, at the entrance to the town, met Senator Decimus Aquila. He was quick to point out that he was no longer the senator, that little had been lost to him once Romulus and his men exiled Imperious from his position as Emperor.

Senator Aquila then sent you to speak to the various townsfolk of Cimerora, all of whom had slightly different tales. One thing was constant, however, and that was their loyalty to the former ruler of Cimerora and their desire to see his kingdom returned to him.


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