OtherWest Coast Syndicate's Favour


Mission Index

  1. Save Will Tripper - 1:00:00 (The Family)

Go to the office where Will Tripper works, and get him out safely

Christine Lansdale

The Family has discovered the identity of a man that was placed in the witness protection program after testifying against another crime organization on the west coast. The man's cover identity is Will Tripper. I think the Family is going to take him out as a favour to the West Coast syndicate. I have someone header to his apartment, but I need you to cover his workplace. Go to the office where Will Tripper works, and get him out safely. He's in serious dangerm and probably has less than an hour to live.

Hurry, Red Tomax, they may be on their way there already.

Part 1: Save Will Tripper - 1:00:00
Office (The Family)

As you approach, it seems clear that the Family have chosen to strike at Will Tripper here, at his workplace.

Mission Complete: You have rescued Will Tripper.

Christine Lansdale

It's a good thing you were fast, Red Tomax. You saved Will Tripper's life today. He's going to be moved to a new city, and hopefully might see some peace and quiet this time.


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