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  1. Defeat Sputnik and his crew - 2:00:00 (Freakshow)

Keep the Freakshow from disrupting the satellite communications conference

Marvin Weintraub

The Freakshow have been mouthing off about disrupting the satellite communications conference that's happening today. Their leader, a Tank Freak called Mekanik, claims it's all about fighting globalization, but it looks to me more like the Freaks are more worried about new security easures that would keep them from pirating satellite TV. And they'll kill to keep getting free television. Could you go to the offices where it is being held and make sure that the Freakshow don't do just that? The Freakshow will move soon, you won't have a lot of time to stop them. Maybe two hours at the most.

You'll have to do two things to prevent a tragedy here, Red Tomax. First, you'll need to rescue any hostages the Freakshow have taken. Secondly, you'll have to defeat Sputnik to make sure he doesn't try this again.

Part 1: Defeat Sputnik and his crew - 2:00:00 (7 businesspeople remaining)
Office (Freakshow)

Sounds of chaos, Freakshow style, erupt from the building as you approach.

Mission Complete: You have defeated all the Freakshow, and restored order to the conference.

Marvin Weintraub

This was a big win, Red Tomax. We cannot allow those Freakshow clowns to call their shots and threaten legitimate business.


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