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Mission Index

  1. Disrupt the Freakshow network - 1:30:00 (Freakshow)

Take the Freakshow hacking operation off line.

Marvin Weintraub

Despite their chaotic tendencies, the Freakshow make very efficient use of technology. I've had one of my sources looking for Freakshow hacking operations, to try and disrupt their computer infiltration and data raiding. We just found one of their network nodes, and the Freakshow are coordinating a huge strike through it. If you're up for a challenge, I could give the location so you can take the Freakshow offline. If you take this one, it could be tricky. The Freakshow will react quickly to change their plans, so you'll have about 90 minutes at the outside to finish things up.

I am providing you a disc that contains a program to disrupt their network, and shut down their current activity. Shutting them down is your only priority here, so don't get too caught up fighting them if you can.

Use this program to lock down the Freakshow's computers.

ClueVirus Executable

The computer program on this disk will completely shut down just about any computer when it is executed.

Part 1: Disrupt the Freakshow network - 1:30:00 (12 Freakshow computers)
Abandoned Office (Freakshow)

Broken computer parts and burned End User License documents litter the floor of this building.

Mission Complete: You successfully disrupted the Freakshow computer node.

Marvin Weintraub

You stopped the Freakshow raid and shut down that location completely. This should disrupt their network offensives for a time.


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