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  1. Erase records from Crey computers (Crey)

Help Mark IV by erasing records of his existance from Crey computers

Mark IV

If I could trouble you. I have been on the run from Crey for many weeks. They keep trying to locate me, and have nearly succeeded a dozen times. If I can erase any records of me from their networks, then the pursuit should end.

Hopefully the pursuit will end with this.

I contructed this data erasure module. Attach this to a Network Substation and it will do the rest.

Part 1: Erase records from Crey computers (Erase Mark IV from Crey's network)
Laboratory @ Skyway City (Crey)

Crey won't be very happy with your presence here.

Objective: All records of Mark IV are being erased.

Mission Complete: You have erased the records of Mark IV from Crey's computers.

Mark IV

I give thanks, Red Tomax. I hope I can return the favour now.

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