PvP Zone MissionRecover Technology to buff hero resistance


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Arachnos, recover compound - 1:00:00 (Arachnos)

Agent Provocateur
Freedom Corps has made your capture a number one priority for your completion of 50 PvP missions.
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Defeat all Arachnos, recover compound

Warzone Agent Eckman

One of Longbow's researchers has developed a new ablative compound which can be applied to uniforms to temporarily enhance it's protective capabilities. Unfortunately, Arachnos has intercepted the shipment! Head over to the Arachnos base and recover the shipment.

Arachnos will be sending the compound to the Rogue Isles to reverse-engineer it. You have 60 minutes to complete this mission.

PvP Mission: This mission will bring you into direct conflict with villains.

If we recover the compound, we can use it to enhance the uniforms of all heroes fighting in Bloody Bay!

Part 1: Defeat all Arachnos, recover compound - 1:00:00
Arachnos Base @ Bloody Bay (Arachnos)

The Arachnos base is a beehive of activity. Find the stolen compound before it's too late.

Objective: You found something

Mission Complete: You found the compound!

Agent Provocateur
Awarded for completing the mission
Warzone Agent Eckman

Excellent work, Red Tomax! We'll distribute the compound right away!


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