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  1. Patrol Bloody Bay

Risk Taker
You've made Paragon City's Most Wanted list by completing 10 PvP missions. Nice job!
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Patrol Bloody Bay

Warzone Agent Eckman

Longbow needs to be appraised of the current state of affairs. I need someone to perform a recon patrol through Bloody Bay.

PvP Mission: This mission will bring you into direct conflict with villains.

Watch out for villains from the Rogue Isles. Many of them lurk around Bloody Bay itching to take down an unsuspecting hero.

Part 1: Patrol Bloody Bay (Patrol 6 locations)
Patrol @ Bloody Bay

Mission Complete: You have completed the recon patrol!

Risk Taker
Awarded for completing the mission
Warzone Agent Eckman

Excellent work! I'll report your findings to Longbow command at once.


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