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  1. Recover bottle from Circle of Thorns (Circle of Thorns)

Recover Serafina's bottle from the Circle of Thorns


You are willing to do me a favour? You are most kind. My former master, Scirocco, had kept my bottle in a transdimensional space. After I granted him his final wish, and I lost my powers, I lost access to the bottle as well. I had considered it safe, but it seems that it was not so. The Circle of Thorns, in their never-ending quest for artifacts, have accessed my master's transdimensional space and stolen my bottle. Will you recover it from them for me?

Should you perform this small favour for me, I will grant you access to the Entities, and the powers that they can bestow upon you.

Part 1: Recover bottle from Circle of Thorns
Oranbega @ Founders' Falls (Circle of Thorns)

Objective: You found an artifact, but it was not Serafina's bottle

Objective: You found the bottle

ClueSerafina's bottle

This is a classic genie bottle, that Serafina called home before she lost her powers.

Mission Complete: Serafina's bottle has been found!


Oh thank you! I will make sure that no one can find this again.

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