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  1. Uncover Nemesis' Next Plan (Nemesis)

Look into Nemesis operation for Agent Six

Agent Six

So you are willing to help the cause, eh? Well, I do need an operative who can poke around a suspected Nemesis operation. Do you think you are up to the task, soldier?

Very good. There is an abandoned warehouse in Crey's Folly that I think Nemesis has set up shop in. We are looking for some solid data on his plans, but so far have come up empty. He disdains computers, so any records will probably be in a file cabinet somewhere. If my source is correct, that warehouse will be crawling with Nemesis enforcers.

ClueSpy Camera

This tiny camera issued to you by Egent Six can take high quality digital photos of documents, for later analysis.

Part 1: Uncover Nemesis' Next Plan (Find evidence of Nemesis plans)
@ Kings Row (Nemesis)

Objective: There was nothing special in this file cabinet.

Objective: There was nothing special in this file cabinet.

Objective: You uncovered a Nemesis plot.

ClueOperation: Blaze of Glory

You have photographed a file that contains information on a plot for Nemesis to assassinate The Statesman, including a full timetable of events.

Mission Complete: You have uncovered Nemesis' plot to assassinate The Statesman.

Agent Six

Great job, Red Tomax! Since you left the original documents there, Nemesis should attempt to follow through with his plan, but we'll be waiting for them!

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