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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Mantis and his unit - 1:15:00 (Sky Raiders)

Stop the Sky Raider bombing

Oswald Cuthbert

The Sky Raiders have taken on a nasty little mercenary job. It seems they've raided the Webber Pharmaceuticals building, and they're planning on gutting the place with firebombs! I need you to stop that Sky Raider bombing. You only have 75 minutes to deal with the Sky Raiders.

One more thing: I've learned that Lt. Officer Evans is running this operation. I want him taken into custody: otherwise, he'll only try these same tricks again. If Lt. Officer Evans escapes, this mission will be a failure.

Mantis is known for his willness; don't understimate him, Red Tomax.

Part 1: Defeat Mantis and his unit - 1:15:00 (6 bombs to disarm, Don't let Mantis escape!)
Office @ Steel Canyon (Sky Raiders)

You head a soft ticking sound. It seems the Sky Raiders are making good on their contract.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Sky Raiders from destroying Webber Pharmaceuticals.

Oswald Cuthbert

That had to be nerve wracking, Red Tomax. According to the Sky Raiders you arrested, this was all about a patent infringement. It seems Webber Pharmaceuticals tread on some powerful toes when they took their last product to the market. The only information I couldn't get was the name of the company that ordered the hit.


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