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  1. Combat Sky Raider menace (Sky Raiders)

Discourage the Sky Raiders' attacks

Oswald Cuthbert

The Sky Raiders mercenary tactics make them one of the most dangerous groups in the city. Because their services are for sale, we can never anticipate their next target. I think it's best if we discourage the SKy Raiders from any more attacks in Paragon City. The best way to do that is to take the fight to the streets.

Remember, all the Sky Raiders have military training. They can be very dangerous men.

This Antigravity Matrix should let you fly for a short time. That way you can keep up with the Sky Raiders.

Part 1: Combat Sky Raider menace (Defeat 20 Sky Raiders)
Defeat x (Sky Raiders)

Mission Complete: you have discouraged the Sky Raider's attacks

Oswald Cuthbert

A series of defeats like those should make the Sky Raiders think twice about keeping up their criminal activities. Good work, Red Tomax.


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