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  1. Arrest Ender and his guards (Council)

Find evidence leading to the rest of the Council bases

Lorenzo DiCosta

I need you to get over to a Council base on the double. My sources tell me it' a major link in the Council information network. They may well have information on the locations of other bases. I need you to find some evidence that will lead us to the rest of the Council bases. The sooner we can eliminate this threat, the better.

The base leader is a nasty fellow named Adjutant Ender. If you can take him into custody, he'll be an excellent source of information.

Part 1: Arrest Ender and his guards
Abandoned Warehouse @ Kings Row (Council)

From outside this building looks abandoned, but a stash of weaponry indicates otherwise.

Mission Complete: Missing

Lorenzo DiCosta

Well, Ajutant Ender gave us all the information we needed, and more. According to Ender, the Council has a number of cells spread throughout the city, and each of them reports to a major base of operations on Striga Isle. Red Tomax, that scares me. It could be that the Council is a greater threat than we had ever guessed!


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