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Mission Index

  1. Combat Outcasts in Boomtown (Outcasts)

Go to Boomtown and stop the Outcasts from harassing the populace

Pavel Garnier

I guess you've heard that many of the Outcasts long for the life of a superhero. Well, in Boomtown, they've started acting out their fantasies. I've heard reports of Outcasts harassing civilians for small crimes such as littering, jaywalking, and riding bikes on the sidewalk. Nobody likes a jaywalker, but this is just too much! I want you to get over to Boomtown and stop the Outcasts from harassing the populace.

I'm hearing the most reports from Grenadier and the Cannonade. You should probably start in those neighborhoods.

Part 1: Combat Outcasts in Boomtown (Defeat 15 Outcasts)
Defeat X @ 'Boomtown' (Outcasts)

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Outcasts from harassing the civilians in Boomtown.

Pavel Garnier

With their powers, many of the Outcasts could have found work as heroes. It's a pity that they chose a life of crime instead.


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