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  1. Destroy Devouring Earth Hideout (Devouring Earth )

Protect Penny from the Devouring Earth

Penny Preston

I hate to ask you a favour, but my friend, The Beacon of Liberty told me something he uncovered while he was fighting the Devouring Earth the other day. He said he uncovered a plot for them to assimil... assim... take me or something. Basically, they want to use my gifts to enhance their mutagens. Kinda sick if you ask me. Anyway, would you be willing to go kick their butts for me?

Thanks, the Beacon of Liberty told me that the Devouring Earth were holed up in a warehouse. I think if you just wipe them all out they should learn the errors of their ways.

Part 1: Destroy Devouring Earth Hideout
Abandoned warehouse (Devouring Earth )

This is the warehouse Penny told you the Devouring Earth were gathering their power in order to kidnap her.

Penny Preston

Thanks. I really didn't want to be in the hands of those sick-o's

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