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Mission Index

  1. Arrest Magma and his crew - 1:30:00 (Outcasts)

Rescue the auction house workers

Pavel Garnier

I just got word that the Outcasts have taken some hostages at an auction house over in Steel Canyon. There's a police negotiator on site, but the Outcasts are threatening to hurt hostages if any more officers show up. I need someone to rescue those auction house workers, and I think that someone is you. The Outcasts have been known to react better to heroes than police. You only have 90 minutes to defuse the situation.

The leader of these Outcasts goes by the name Magma. I need you to take him into securty.

Part 1: Arrest Magma and his crew - 1:30:00 (5 hostages to save, 3 auction items to save)
Office @ Steel Canyon (Outcasts)

Normally, this auction house is a bustling place full of merry chatter. Now, a deadly silence hangs in the air.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Outcasts and rescue the hostages. You also found some interesting information.

ClueThe negotiator's story

The police negotiator you rescued told you:

'These Outcasts are here on orders. One of them told me they came here to intimidate the auction house manager, Jennifer Dietrich. But he wouldn't say why.'


The beat cop you rescued found this ledger in the auction house office. It shows that a number f expensive relics that have been moved through this auction house. the profit from these sales has been chanelled to an unnamed source. The funds from the last few transactions haven't been moved yet; they are still in the company's accounts.

ClueA suspicious admission

When you rescued Jennifer Dietrich, the auction house manager, she said:

'I'm so glad you're here. Those stupid gangers almost ruined everything, and right before my vacation.'

ClueYour conclusions

From the evidence you've gathered, it looks like Jenifer Dietrich's auction house has been fencing stolen artifacts for the Outcasts. It also appears that Dietrich planned to double-cross the Outcasts by leaving the country with a large chunk of the profits.

Pavel Garnier

You're right, Red Tomax, it does seem that the auction house manager was dealing with the Outcasts, then planned to double-cross them. I looked over the evidence you found. It's probably not admissable in court, but it might be enough to get a warrant. If we act fast, the police might be able to nab one more bad guy today.


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