CostumeDefeat Crey to protect Icon's secrets


Mission Index

  1. Protect Lauren from Crey (Crey)

Defeat Crey to protect Icon's secrets


I hate to ask you this, but Crey has been poking their noses areound this shop for the past couple weeks. They are trying to steal Icon's plans for the new Unstable line of costumes, so they can reverse engineer it and get it to market quicker. Icon can't afford to lose this to the mega-corp that is Crey, so we were hoping that you could 'dissuade' their strike teams from attempting to steal the plans.

You can find Crey in Crey's Folly or Founders' Falls.

Part 1: Protect Lauren from Crey (Defeat 30 Crey)
Defeat x @ Any (Crey's Folly, Independence Port) (Crey)

Mission Complete: Crey has called off their plans to steal the Unstable plans.


Thank you, Red Tomax! Crey wouldn't dare try anything knowing that you have our backs. let me get you another outfit as a show of thanks.

I would be delighted to help you make changes to your outfit now.

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