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Mission Index

  1. Save hacker from Tsoo (Tsoo)

Meet the hacker and get the files

Thao Ku

A computer hacker I know claims that he got into a database filled with Tsoo smuggling records. He wants to get them to the right people, but he's afraid the Tsoo are watching his office. If the Tsoo are watching him, they'll certainly try to stop you. Those files could reveal a lot about their smuggling operations. I can understand why he might be nervous. Can you meet with him and get the encrypted files and encryption key?

The hacker calls himself PyR4T. He could be in very serious trouble.

Part 1: Save hacker from Tsoo (Take hacker to computer)
Office @ Steel Canyon (Tsoo)

A paper sign taped to the door outside says that this office is closed today. This is the address where you were supposed to meet the hacker, and the door is open. But you notice the lock has been forced.

Mission Complete: You have rescued the hacker and retrieved the files.

ClueTsoo files

These computer files contain Tsoo smuggling records.

Thao Ku

Thanks to you, the hacker is safe and we have his files. I'll make sure they get to the right people. This might be what we need to crack the Tsoo's smuggling operations. Good work, Red Tomax!


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