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Mission Index

  1. Defeat all robots in warehouse (Clockwork)

Recover the Clockwork power source

Wyatt Anderson

My best Clockwork source tells me that the Clockwork have developed a new, miniaturized power source. They're storing it at an abandoned warehouse. Will you recover that Clockwork power source for us? It could tell us a lot.

Keep your eye out for a safe; my source thinks that's where they're keeping the power source.

Part 1: Defeat all robots in warehouse (Locate the power source)
Abandoned warehouse @ Faultline (Clockwork)

This warehouse looks old and unused. Rusty bits of old machines are scattered on the floor.

Objective: You found the Clockwork power source.

CluePower Source

To your eye, this device could not possibly be a power source. It shows no signs of eneergy emission, and it has no moving parts.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork and found the power source.

Wyatt Anderson

Why would the Clockwork be guarding this device if it couldn't possibly provide any power? As usual, their actions don't make any sense.


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