CostumeGain better control of your powers


Mission Index

  1. Talk to Professor Smythe (Freakshow,Rikti)
  2. Get cybernetic steel
  3. Get plasma cannon charger
  4. Get gelatinous goo
  5. Take ingredients to Smythe

Gain better control of your powers

City Representative

I've been told that you would like the opportunity to gain better control of your powers. I must commend you. It is a hard task ahead of you, but if you are willing to undertake it, I can help.

The first step is to go see Professor Jonathon St. John Smythe, over at SERAPH. He's developed the most ingenious method!

Part 1: Talk to Professor Smythe
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park (Freakshow,Rikti)
Jonathan St. John Smythe

Ah, Red Tomax! So glad you could make it! My new method of enhancing your powers involves a lot of work, a few ingredients, and just a bit of cold fusion. It's really quite fascinating. If you will help me by providing the ingredients, I can do the rest.

First, I'll need a piece of cybernetic steel. I'd be surprised if you couldn't find such a thing on the Freakshow. I'll also need a particular part from a Rikti plasma weapon. Lastly, there's a strange gelatinous goo that often coats the Devouring Earth creatures. It's heavily infused with adrenaline and enzymes, and it's proved critical to this project. I'm sure you can find all three groups in Crey's Folly.

Part 2: Get cybernetic steel (Defeat 15 Freakshow)
Defeat x @ Any

Mission Complete: You found the cybernetic steel.

ClueCybernetic steel

You found this piece of cybernetic steel on a Freakshow gangster. Outiftted with many small gears and outlets. this metal is perfect for constructing implants.

Part 3: Get plasma cannon charger (Defeat 15 Rikti)
Defeat x @ Any (Crey's Folly)

Mission Complete: You found the plasma cannon charger.

CluePlasma cannon charger

You took this plasma cannon charger from a Rikti soldier you defeated. It hums with controlled energy.

Part 4: Get gelatinous goo (Defeat 15 Devouring Earth)
Defeat x @ Any (Talos Island)

Mission Complete: You found the gelatinous goo.

ClueGelatinous goo

You collected this pink goo from the Devouring Earth creatures you defeated. According to Professor Smythe, the goo is filled with adrenaline.

Part 5: Take ingredients to Smythe
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park
Jonathan St. John Smythe

Excellent, excellent. And in record time! I'll just pop these into the lab, and in no time at all, I'll have a brand new Smythe 032 ready for you. What's a Smythe 032? Well, I'm glad to see you're interested. It uses the hydraulic system of your heart to pump a tightly controlled adrenaline stream through your body. Quite safely, I assure you. The patent is pending even as we speak. I'll send it over to the City Representative when it's ready.

City Representative

Professor Smythe sent the device over by courier. Here you are, Red Tomax. You should visit Icon to have it properly installed.

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