TrialTerra Volta: Sky Raiders


Mission Index

  1. Speak to Jason Serano (Sky Raiders)
  2. Get Sky Raiders' attention
  3. Defeat Sgt. Clayton & his men
  4. Save Terra Volta reactor

You have succeeded in preventing the destruction of the Terra Volta reactor... but at what price?
More Info: City Information Terminal
Earned the Statesman Star
Again your Terra Volta experience has altered your powers in ways no one could imagine.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Assist Jane in her investigation

Jane Hallaway

I've been hearing some strange rumours about the Sky Raiders lately. Word on the street is that they're closing in on some big goal. Don't spread this around, but I'm hoping you and some of your hero friends can assist me in my investigation. There's something huge going on here, and I'm determined to find out what.

My investigations into the Sky Raiders have taken an ugly turn lately. I certainly hope you can help me get to the bottom of things.

You should probably start by talking to my friend Jason Serano, over in Terra Volta. He's sort of a shady character, but he keeps me up to my ears in tips on the Sky Raiders.

Part 1: Speak to Jason Serano
Delivery @ Terra Volta (Sky Raiders)
Jason Serano

Normally I wouldn't talk to anyone off the street, but if Jane says you're okay, I guess that'll do. Here's the scoop. The Sky Raiders are looking for a job to take on, some sort of mercenary work to help finance their operations. Trouble is, they're going through very secret channels, and I haven't been able to contact them. Know what I'd suggest? Take to the streets. If you hit them hard and hit them fast, they just might come looking for you.

We don't know much about their activities right now, but it's your job to make sure they don't know that. If they think we're already onto their latest plot, there's a good chance they'll let something slip.

Part 2: Get Sky Raiders' attention (Defeat 25 Sky Raiders)
Defeat x @ Terra Volta

Mission Complete: On one of the Sky Raiders you defeated, you found a tattered business card.

ClueBusiness card

This business card fro Lofty Connections pictures a hot air balloon. The logo on the balloon bears a remarkable resemblance to a Sky Raider helmet.

Jane Hallaway

So, Jason sent you after the Sky Raiders, huh? That's just like him; his motto is, 'Muscle always gets the job done'. I have to admit, you sure got results. I'm sure this business card for Lofty Connections must mean something. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out it's a front company for the Sky Raiders.

I'm glad you chose to work with me. I think I have another job for you, if you're interested.

Check out Lofty Connections

Jane Hallaway

You may think that a business card found on a defeated Sky Raider isn't much of a lead, but let me tell you, I've built prize-winning stories out of less. The first step is to check out this business, Lofty Connections. See if it's legit. If you find anythign there to confirm the business' connection to the Sky Raiders, we'll be off and running.

I'm determined to keep digging until we get to the bottom of the Sky Raiders' latest plot.

Part 3: Defeat Sgt. Clayton & his men
Office @ Random

The Lofty Connections office seems eerily quiet. Then you hear it: the rhythmic marching of well-organized men.

Objective: This crate contains equipment for the safe handling of radioactive materials.

ClueContainment equipment

These heavy asbestos suits and containers are designed to let scientists deal safely with radioactive materials.

Mission Complete: One of the Sky Raiders you defeated snarled: 'You're too late! By now, the reactor strike has begun!'

ClueThe Sky Raider's last words

One of the Sky Raiders you defeated snarled:

'You're too late! The boss is already at the reactor. The raid will be over before you can lift a finger to stop it!'

Jane Hallaway

Asbestos suits? Containment equipment? Based on this, I'd say that Sky Raider who taunted you was playing it straight. I can barely believe it, but the Sky Raiders actually intend to attack the Terra Volta reactor! Red Tomax, you are going to have to move fast!

Save the Terra Volta Reactor

Jane Hallaway

This is big, Red Tomax. The Terra Volta reactor is in jeopardy. Unless I miss my guess, the Sky Raiders intend to drain the reactor core of tis fuel, leaving the rest of Paragon City in the dark. The Sky Raiders may plan to sell that fuel on the black market, or, even worse, they may plan to build a dirty bomb! Either way, Paragon City can't make it without the reactor running. You've got to stop the Raiders! Stop the at once!

Ever since the RIkti War, the reactor's been this city's primary source of power. Without it, we can say goodbye to light bulbs, heating, and refreigerated food.

Part 4: Save Terra Volta reactor (Rescue guard, Save scientists, Save scientists & get key, get to reactor, protect reactor)
Terra Volta reactor @ Terra Volta

The sounds of a pitched battle echo through the halls.

Objective: The guard hands you a key card for the door.

ClueReactor key card

This key card allows access to the Terra Volta reactor control room.

Objective: This crate contains equipment for the safe handling of radioactive materials.

ClueContainment equipment

These heavy asbestos suits and containers are designed to let scientists deal safely with radioactive meterials.

Awarded for completing the final mission of the Respecification Trial.
Earned the Statesman Star
Awarded for earning your first Character Respec
Jane Hallaway

You've done it, Pulitzer! You've saved the Terra Volta reactor! To tell you truth, I'm a little shaken by the depths of th Sky Raiders' villainy. I hope you'll check back with me from time to time. It could well be that they'll try something like this again.

You know,I hate to tell you this, but you're looking a little strange. I've heard stories before about people who got too close to the Terra Volta reactor esperienceing strange side effects. You should drop by Freedom Corps headquarters in Galaxy City and see a friend of mine, Jack Wolfe. He's an expert on the effects of radiation; he can tell you exactly what's up.

You have been amazing, Red Tomax. Simply amazing. But it ain't over 'til it's over.

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