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  1. Defeat all Clockwork in warehouse (Clockwork)

Check the warehouse for Clockwork activity

Rick Davies

I've had agents in the field all day tracking down Clockwork robots, and we're beginning to figure out where they're coming from. Our data shows two possible locations for their base. Will you check one warehouse for any Clockwork activity? I have another hero investigating the other.

If you find the Clockwork base, please look for any clues to the Clockwork's plan.

Part 1: Defeat all Clockwork in warehouse
Warehouse @ Atlas Park (Clockwork)

You hear the tell-tale sound of Clockwork gears. This must be their base of operations!

Objective: You're not sure what it's worth, but you have some notes on the Clockwork automatons.

ClueNotes on Clockwork robots

You copied these notes from a whiteboard in the Clockwork's base of operations. They are unintelligable to you, but they may mean more to a robotics expert.

Mission Complete: You cleared the warehouse of Clockwork minions.

Rick Davies

Great work, Red Tomax! These notes you found should help our scientists figure out exactly how the Clockwork operate. With that kind of data, we may be able to defeat them once and for all!


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