OtherThe Clockwork Sprocket


Mission Index

  1. Get piece from Sarah Peters
  2. Defeat all Clockwork in office (Clockwork)
  3. Defeat all robots in warehouse (Clockwork)

Retrieve the sprocket piece from Sarah Peters

Rick Davies

DATA, the Department of Advanced Technological Applications, wants to understand the Clockwork better. One of my contacts in the field, Sarah Peters, has a critical piece from one of their sprocket units. Would you retrieve the Clockwork sprocket piece from Sarah?

Thanks for helping me out with this, I'll owe you one.

Part 1: Get piece from Sarah Peters
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Sarah Peters

Sorry,Red Tomax, there must have been a mix up. I just handed that piece to a hero from SERAPH. I do have a tip on some Clockwork locations where you might be able to find another one. Start with this office. It shut down after the Rikti attacks, and it's a prime location for a Clockwork base. If that doesn't pan out, there's a warehouse you can try.

Part 2: Defeat all Clockwork in office
Abandoned office @ Atlas Park (Clockwork)

The faint whirring and clanking of gears sets your teeth on edge.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork but failed to locate a piece that meets the technical specifications.

Part 3: Defeat all robots in warehouse
Abandoned warehouse @ Atlas Park (Clockwork)

Mission Complete: You found an acceptable piece from one of the Clockwork sprockets.

Rick Davies

Solid work on this, Red Tomax. I really appreciate your determination. You are going to do just fine here in Paragon City.


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