OtherThe Vahzilok Conference


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Vahzilok in sewer (Vahzilok)

Investigate the conference

Jonathan Smythe

I just got a tip that some men calling themselves the disciples of Vahzilok are planning a conference in a secondary sewer section. While their exact aims are unclear, it seems likely that they're linked to these bio-mechanical zombies that have been terrorizing the populace lately. Will you investigate this conference?

While you're down there, look for any information on the aims of Vahzilok's minions.

Part 1: Defeat all Vahzilok in sewer (Rescue the hostage!, Learn purpose of conference)
Sewers @ Atlas Park (Vahzilok)

Medical notes float in the filthy water, alongside medical paraphernalia and waste.

Objective: You found some horrible presentation notes.

ClueMedical notes

These wild medical notes were not made by any doctor who cares for the sanctity of human life. They describe horrible techniques for using artificial stimulus and cybernetic parts to animate the body. You notice that these notes are based on recent research.

Mission Complete: You disrupted the conference, rescued a hostage, and found some notes.

Jonathan Smythe

Thanks for breaking up that horrible conference. It's terrifying to contemplate the depths this Vahzilok has sunk to. Human experimentation, animating the dead! He must be a madman indeed.


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