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Mission Index

  1. Take data to Henry Peter Wong
  2. Defeat lab leader and his crew (Vahzilok)

Deliver the data disc to Henry Peter Wong

Jonathan Smythe

Hero Corps has pulled some strings, and they're asking for all the data we've collected on the Vahzilok. I need someone to deliver this data disc to Henry Peter Wong. He'll see that Hero Corps gets the info.

I'm sure Dr. Vahzilok would love to get his hands on this disc. Watch your back, Red Tomax.

ClueData on Vahzilok

This data disc contains all the data SERAPH has on the Vahzilok menace.

Part 1: Take data to Henry Peter Wong
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Henry Peter Wong

Hero Corps thanks you for your cooperation in this matter, Red Tomax. Hero Corps doesn't like to be beholden to any organisation, so I'll return the favour SERAPH did for us immediately. There is a cave in Galaxy City that the Vahzilok have been using as a secret research lab. I'm sure a powerful hero like yourself will have no problem wiping it out and getting some more info for SERAPH and Hero Corps to share.

Part 2: Defeat lab leader and his crew (2 hostages remaining)
Caverns @ Galaxy City (Vahzilok)

The foul stench of the sewers lingers in this cave.

Objective: You found some research data.

ClueMorbid research data

The research data you recovered from the Vahzilok is very disturbing. Apparently they are using the cover of night to conduct 'involuntary organ donations' in Kings Row.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Vahzilok and rescued the hostages.

Jonathan Smythe

Looks like Hero Corps steered us in the right direction. You did a great job, Red Tomax, but I don't understand why Hero Corps didn't take care of this cave themselves.


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