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Mission Index

  1. Work on Newspaper article (Vahzilok)

Hit the streets, defeat Vahzilok and come up with a good story

Tristan Caine

This Vahzilok threat is becoming a media nightmare. I've got reporters everywhere looking to do human interest pieces on them for the late editions. They want an account from someone who has personally fought these zombies and lived to tell the tale. Would you be willing to handle this assignment? I just need you to go out and defeat a few Vahzilok and summarize the experience for a print interview. Pretty easy stuff.

You should look for Vahzilok in Kings Row or Perez Park. Those areas are overrun. Steel Canyon has had issues with them as well.

Part 1: Work on Newspaper article (Defeat 10 Vahzilok)
Defeat X (Vahzilok)

Mission Complete: You feel you have enough material for a good story now.

ClueYour Report

You do your best to make fighting the zombie Vahzilok exciting, and not something you do every day. It's a passable piece, should do well once it has some editing.

Tristan Caine

Wow, this is great stuff! Sometimes I wish I was a Hero so I could have adventures as cool as this.


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