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  1. Recover a Circle weapon (Circle of Thorns)

Defeat Circle of Thorns to get one of their ancient weapons

Hugo Redding

I have some friends who collect ancient weapons. When they found out that I worked with Red Tomax they were quite impressed. They follow your exploits on the nightly news. They asked me to ask you a favour. They have seen the Circle of Thorns wield some very interesting weapons, and were wondering if you could procure one for their collection?

Rooftops in Kings Row, or inside the woods in Perez Park are your most likely places to find Circle of Thorns activity.

Part 1: Recover a Circle weapon (Defeat 10 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X (Circle of Thorns)

Mission Complete: You defeat a member of the Circle of Thorns and it becomes apparent that their weapons disappear when they are defeated.

ClueWeapon information

After defeating ten Circle of Thorns members, it becomes obvious that they have recovery magicks on their weapons. They teleport away upon their owner's defeat.

Hugo Redding

That's too bad about those weapons, but it does seem odd that they would have magics on them to recover them. Perhaps they are in very limited supply?


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