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Mission Index

  1. Arrest all gang members (Skulls)
  2. Talk to Antonio Nash
  3. Talk to Jose Brogan
  4. Defeat all Skulls in warehouse (Skulls)

Put a stop to the gang activity in the office

Antonio Nash

A group of gangsters has taken over an abandoned office in one of my old neighborhoods. It's probably the Hellions. They're always looking to take over new territory in their ongoing war with the Skulls. Will you put a stop to the gang activity in that office? You may have heard that before I joined GIFT, Genetic Investigation and Facilitation, I was in a gang. I used my mutant powers to take whatever I could grab. I'd like to prevent these youngsters from making the same mistake.

This is important to me, Red Tomax. We need people to feel safe in Atlas Park.

Part 1: Arrest all gang members
Abandoned office @ Atlas Park (Skulls)

Jeers and jibes can be heard all over this supposedly empty office. From the chatter it's apparent that this warehouse is home to a group of Skulls, not Hellions.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Skulls and found a small sample of a drug labeled Dyne.

ClueDyne sample

You found this small dose of the street drug Dyne on one of the Skulls you defeated. It's packaged in a black capsule with a white skull. It looks like just the thing to appeal to those looking for the latest designer drug.

Part 2: Talk to Antonio Nash
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Antonio Nash

The Skulls? What are they doing in Atlas Park? Kings Row is their turf. Do me a favor and go talk to my friend Detective Jose Brogan. He'll want to take a look at that sample as well.

Part 3: Talk to Jose Brogan
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Detective Jose Brogan

I heard there were some Skulls sniffing around Atlas Park, but I thought it was just a rumor. You might want to see what you can dig up in this supposedly empty warehouse.

Dyne is pretty new on the streets, so nobody knows much about it. It gives users a rush of euphoria and strength, but it leaves their whole body aching afterwards. Some muscle spasms and skin diseases have even been linked to Dyne use. It looks like the Skulls are looking for a new market in which to peddle their poison.

Part 4: Defeat all Skulls in warehouse (Find key to back room, Seek evidence)
Dyne Warehouse (Skulls)

The familiar taunts of the Skulls ring in your ears.

Objective: You found a key


The handle of this small, brass key is shaped like a skull.

Objective: You found a notebook


This small notebook is filled with dates and other numbers. You aren't certain what the numbers might mean.

Mission Complete: You defeated the skulls and located a notebook.

Antonio Nash

Looks like this might be the beginning of a distribution plan. We will need to look this over and keep an eye out for Skulls activity. Thanks a lot for your help on this one.


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