Accomplishment BadgeDefend the War Walls


Mission Index

  1. Stop Kenslet & his crew (Rikti)

War Wall Defender
You foiled a plot to undermine the War Walls that protect Paragon City.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Prevent the Rikti from destroying the force fields that protect the city

Philipa Meraux

I need your help with a dangerous situation. A group of engineers was working on the War Walls near Talos Island when they were captured by the Rikti. The Rikti have attempted to brign down the War Walls before, and it they can stop the enginners from making their adjustmnets, they just might succeed. The good news is that the villains have been isolated in an emergency forcefield. The bad news is that it may not prevent them from affecting the War Walls. You've got to rescue the engineeers and prevent the Rikti from destroying the force fields that protect the city.

If the War Walls fall, Paragon City will be ten times more vulnerable to a Rikti attack. You'll have to rescue all of the hostages and shut down any computer the Rikti have overridden.

Part 1: Stop Kenslet & his crew (8 engineers to save, 3 machines to save)
Instanced Outdoor @ Beacon's Crossing (Rikti)

It's hard to believe that the weight of the War Walls now rests squarely on your shoulders.

War Wall Defender
Awarded for completing the mission.
Philipa Meraux

Well, Red Tomax, you may have just prevented a major Rikti assault. According to those engineers you rescued, the Rikti needed to bring down the War Walls in order to override the city's teleportation network. With that kind of transportation, we would have seen strike forces all over the city within hours. The people of this city sure owe you a debt of gratitude today.

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