Minor Story ArcI lost my Daddy!


Mission Index

  1. Rescue Doc Delilah
  2. Talk to Jim Temblor
  3. Defeat Lost for Info
  4. Find Muxley
  5. Rescue Mr. Yin

You saved Penelope Yin's father from the Lost., and now a thankful Mr. Yin has re-opened Yin's Market in Faultline. You can now shop there whenever you want.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Help Doc Delilah

Penelope Yin

My Dad and I were both kidnapped from the store. I got away because the Clockwork helped me, but the Lost, they still have my Dad. I'm so worried about him, it hurts. I tried looking on my own, but if it weren't for the Clockwork, the Lost would have caught me. So I've been asking for help. I just got a call from Doctor Delilah Stein that she may have found something, but her call got cut off, and I know she's in trouble. Could you help her Red Tomax?

You are so awesome! Doc Delilah used to be a hero, too, but she's like, an archaeologist now. he's digging all around here looking for stuff, so she's been everywhere and talked to a lot of people. I asked her to keep an eye out for anything about my Dad, just in case. So of course, she gets cornered by some Vahzilok somewhere without cell reception. She's okay right now, but those Vahzilok guys are really scary. You better get her out of there.

Part 1: Rescue Doc Delilah (Lead Doc Delilah out)
Abandoned Longbow Base @ Faultline

Many old hero bases were lost when Faultline destroyed Overbrook. If Penelope's right, Dr. Stein was investigating one when the Vahzilok arrived.

Part 2: Talk to Jim Temblor
Jim Tremblor

Doc Delilah found this? Weird. I remember this. I remember all of this. I remember my dad working with heroes, I remember being in hero bases. I don't remember him ever building an earthquake machine, and without Mom around I was almost always with him. This is how I remember it. But how can that be?

Oh, wait, that's my phone.

Hey, Penny.



Yeah, Ann and I will be by later. Ok, bye.

That was Penelope. She Says that Doc Delilah told her something major. She wants to see you.

Penelope Yin

Hey, Red Tomax! I totally owe you for all this, but it was really worth it. Doc Delilah had some big news. But I think I'm going to have to ask for your help again, if that's ok?

You're the best! I know you'll find my dad!

Hit the streets to get info from the Lost.

Penelope Yin

What Doc Dellilah found out was that those smell guys with the weird minds, the Lost? Well, she's talked to some of them, and she asked about what happened to my dad. They told her that they went after Dad and me on purpose. One of their big chiefs wanted us captured for something weird, I'm sure. Anyway, the guy they ordered to do it was one of their own named 'Muxley.' Doc said that Muxley's still in Faultline, but she doesn't know where. If you can find him, that's sure to lead to my Dad, right?

Thank you sooooo much! You are totally the best! I think the way you do this kind of thing is by 'Hitting the streets,' right?

This would be so much easier if those Lost guys were normal. But then, if there weren't so many of those weirdos around Dad, I could just talk to him. It's driving me crazy! I can toalk to my friend Imani in Kenya, and my friend Yuki in Japan, and we can all hear each other fine, but my Dad's somewhere in the city and I can't talk to him because those Lost guys mess everything up with their crazy! It's so unfair!

Part 3: Defeat Lost for Info (Defeat 10 Lost)
Defeat X @ Faultline

One of the Lost you were fighting cracked, and told you where to find Muxley.

Mission Complete: One of the Lost you were fighting cracked and told you where to find Muxley.

ClueMuxley's location

One of the defeated Lost told you the location of Muxley, one of their leaders. He's hiding out in an abandoned floor of an old office building. He didn't know the address, but you can figure out where to go.

Part 4: Find Muxley (Defeat Muxley)
Abandoned warehouse @ Faultline

This building will probably be destroyed soon, but in the meantime strange things fester in the ruins.

Objective: After you defeated Muxley, you learned where they were holding Mr. Yin, and more.

Clue'Then it called to us...'

After you defeated Muxley, he told you where you might be able to find Mr. Yin. He also told you why the Lost had tried to abduct the Yins in the first place:

'We came to the ruins first because the time is near, and we feel it in the waters here. But then it called to us. It wants to be used again. The ones marked by the Spider-Lord seek it for their master, and for their own desires. The pirates of the air seek it only because they know it is valuable. And we seek it to help bring about the new world. And when it comes to light, it will need a new master, a new source of power. The old man is only for control over the girl. There is a reason the Brain-in-Brass protects her.'

Mission Complete: You learned where to find Mr. Yin!

Penelope Yin

Yes! You found Muxley! Well, I know Dad wasn't there, but he did tell where to find him right?

Don't worry, Daddy, Red Tomax we're gonna bring you home soon!

You're the coolest! Hey, do you need a side-kick? No, forget it. My Dad would totally flip out.

Rescue Mr. Yin

Penelope Yin

Now that we know where Dad is, the only thing left is to get him. This may be kinda rough, though. You will be careful, right? Or get, like a super-team or something?

I think it's going to be pretty tough in there. Just, like, be careful, okay? I wouldn't want to be all sad because I got Dad back but you got killed and stuff.

Oh, hey! That's an idea! Give me a second...

Okay, I asked the Clockwork King really nicely, and he's agreed to let you borrow some of the solders he has protecting me. It's really big step for him. I mean, he's kinda paranoid, sure, but deep down I think he's an okay guy.

Penelope hands you a fistful of clockwork parts.

Part 5: Rescue Mr. Yin (Lead Mr. Yin out)
Abandoned warehouse @ Faultline

Whatever use this place once had, now it's a vast nest of the Lost. And somewhere inside, Penelope's father Wu Yin is held against his will.

Mission Complete: You rescued Penelope's father Wu Yin from the Lost.

Awarded for rescuing Mr. Yin.
Penelope Yin



Dad's home and safe and everything! You saved him, Red Tomax! He's already getting the shop open, can you believe it? Oh, that's right, he wanted me to tell you that you can go in any time you want. But that's not important. Dad's home and he's safe, and it's all because of you.

Thank you, Red Tomax. Thank you.

Souvenir: Yin's market super-saver card

Before the Faultline Incident, Yin's Market sold groceries to citizen and hero alike, and many a hero with their base in Overbrook had one of these frequent customer cards. Now that Yin's Market has re-opened, it might be handy to keep your new Yin's Market card around. But Mr. Yin might never have been rescued if it wasn't for his daughter Penelope who told you:

'I lost my Daddy!'

It all began when Jim Temblor asked you to help out a friend of his, a girl named Penelope Yin. Penelope's father Wu Yin had run Yin's Market before the Faultline Incident, and now that the city was rebuilding, they'd returned to reopen. Unfortunately, the Lost had taken an interest in them, and tried to kidnap both Penelope and her father. Penelope had escaped due to the interference of some Clockwork, but her father was still in the clutches of the Lost. Penelope had been asking around, and learned that the famous hero historian Dr. Delilah Stein might have uncovered something, but was now cornered by the Vahzilok! You battle through the mad murderists to help Doc Delilah, who went to help Penelope. She also gave you some files she'd uncovered in an abandoned hero base revealing that Bill Temblor, the secret identity of the villain Faultline, had often helped heroes against villains with his scientific acumen. You took that information to Jim Temblor, who seemed able to confirm it, further muddying the waters of history.

Doc Delilah told Penelope that the Lost headman who had tried to kidnap her and her father was named 'Muxley.' You hit the streets for information, and were soon able to find where Muxley was hiding out. While Penelope's father wasn't there, Muxley did tell you where you might be able to find him. He also implied some things about Penelope and what the Lost were doing in Faultline, but wouldn't say more.

With Wu Yin's location, you assaulted a conclave of Lost leaders from all over the city, and got Mr. Yin to safety. Penelope was overjoyed at your success, and Mr. Yin soon re-opened Yin's Market again.

Though the incident ended on a happy note, there were still some questions left unanswered. What was the thing the Lost were looking for, and why did they think they'd need to control Penelope Yin once they'd found it? And the information Doc Delilah had discovered about Bill Temblor's heroic efforts to fight villainy conflicted with his actions in his secret identity as Faultline. If the answers lie in the ruins of the zone, perhaps the person to talk to is the adventuring amazon archaeologist, Doc Delilah.


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