OtherFace Nemesis' Forces in the Rikti War Zone


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Nemesis

Face Nemesis' forces in the Rikti War Zone


An old threat has reemerged, Red Tomax.

Nemesis is up to something, he is pouring his forces into the area. Take them out before he can enact his nefarious plan.

Are you up for facing his forces?

Nemesis is not an enemy we wish to face at this time. The Rikti are more than enough for us.

Those units he has in the area are up to something. We don't have time to figure out what, just take them out and do it quickly.

Part 1: Defeat Nemesis (Defeat 50 Nemesis)
Defeat X @ Rikti War Zone

Well done, Red Tomax. You have driven Nemesis' forces back, allowing us to focus once again on the Rikti threat. Thank you.


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