OtherGo after the Rikti leader regrouping his forces


Mission Index

  1. Defeat the Rikti Leader before he attacks - 1:00:00

Go after the Rikti Leader regrouping his forces


Red Tomax, Vanguard intel suggests that a Rikti Leader is regrouping his contingent under Heartbreak Ridge. We need you to get down there and stop him before he has a chance to rally another assault.

This Rikti Leader will have his forces rejoin the assault on Heartbreak Ridge within the hour. You have to stop him before then. The Vanguard is depending on you, Red Tomax. We ask that you not let us down.

You have 60 minutes to complete this mission.

Part 1: Defeat the Rikti Leader before he attacks - 1:00:00 (Defeat Rikti Leader)
Tunnels @ Rikti War Zone

You enter the Rikti chambers only to find them rested and ready for battle.
Oh well, if it was easy, they wouldn't have asked you to do it.


If every Vanguard member was as effective as you, humanity could sleep easy. Well... easier.


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