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Mission Index

  1. Beat up Fortunata Iverson
  2. Wipe out Council base - 30:00

Efficiency Expert
You have proven yourself efficient by succeeding at all of Mr. Pither's timed tasks.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Beat some sense into Fortunata Iverson

Efficiency Expert Pither

I've been going over the books, and one of our bases has been underperforming dramatically. I suspect it's because the superviser there, one Fortunata Iverson. I suspect the Fortunata is sandbagging Arachnos projects while her team is helping out one of our enemies. I need you to go and have a 'talk' with Iverson and find out who she is really working for. And by 'talk,' I mean go beat some sense into her. Once you have learned who she is working for you will have a very limited amount of time to exact our brand of vengeance on whoever she is directly dealing with. This is a two part mission, part two is a 30 minute timed mission.

Remember, once you have the information from Fortunata Iverson you will have only 30 minutes to wipe out that base.

Part 1: Beat up Fortunata Iverson (Interrogate Fortunata Iverson)
Arachnoid Nest @ Grandville

This is Fortunata Iverson's operation. If they are working for someone else, expect resistance getting to the Fortunata.

Objective: Iverson tells you she was working for the Council.

ClueIverson's Interrogation

Fortunata Iverson explains to you that her division has been selling secrets to the Council. They have been paying well for info on the projects this division was working on, and eventually started taking the projects for themselves, which is why Mr. Pither must have gotten suspicious.

Mission Complete: You know the location of the Council base. Wipe it out.

Part 2: Wipe out Council base - 30:00 (1 plant bomb)
Council Base @ Grandville

The Council is aware they have been given up, you have a short amount of time in order to send the message not to subvert Arachnos.

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the Council base!

Efficiency Expert
Awarded for completing all 5 of Efficiency Expert Pither's timed missions
Efficiency Expert Pither

Very good, Dread Tomax. Fortunata Iverson is in custody, and with Archon Cosa out of the picture we can get the Black XIII project back on track.


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