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Mission Index

  1. Steal formula - 15:00

Efficiency Expert
You have proven yourself efficient by succeeding at all of Mr. Pither's timed tasks.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Steal formula from Crey

Efficiency Expert Pither

You know why I was hired by Lord Recluse? I got results, and I didn't get results by relaxing in a hammock and sipping drinks with frilly umbrellas. Results require action, and action requires you get out and actually do something for a change. I have a job for Lord Recluse. He needs the formula that Crey has been working on for their Usurper Project. Don't worry if you've never heard about it, just hit their lab and get it. I have a hacker who can stick this data into an unsecured part of their network, but it will only be there for 15 mintues before the network daemons see the errant file and move it back behind the firewalls. This means you'll have 30 minutes to get the data before it becomes irretrievable. I work on a clock, and you had best start to get used to it. You will have 15 minutes to complete this mission.

Clock's ticking, Dread Tomax, haste not waste!

Part 1: Steal formula - 15:00 (Steal Formula)
Laboratory @ Grandville

Time is wasting. The files will only be accessible for just a shirt while longer.

Objective: The formula was outside the firewall, just like Mr. Pither said.

ClueUsurper Project Formula

This is what Mr. Pither was looking for, the Usurper Project Formula.

Mission Complete: You've stolen the formula, and in the nick of time, too.

Efficiency Expert
Awarded for completing all 5 of Efficiency Expert Pither's timed missions
Efficiency Expert Pither

Well done, Dread Tomax. You've surprised me. My hacker associate could have kept the file outside the firewall longer, but I thought it would be a good test of your skills if you could retrieve it in the time allotted.


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