Story ArcAlone in the Darque


Mission Index

  1. Get Reports for Mr. Pither
  2. Beat the truth out of Dr. Aeon
  3. Find Olivia Darque & escape

Notable Foes

Get Reports for Mr. Pither

Efficiency Expert Pither

Here's a task simple enough even you can't screw it up. Olivia Darque, the Governor of Aeon city, is overdue on several reports that I need from her. I want you to play courier. Go to Aeon City in Cap au Diable, there you will find her offices. She should have the reports to hand over, and at best a flimsy excuse as to why they were not delivered on-time. Once you have the reports and an excuse from Olivia herself, return them to me and we can check that off your To Do list.

Don't delay. I've been waiting for these reports long enough, I shouldn't have to wait any longer.

Part 1: Get Reports for Mr. Pither (Find Olivia Darque, Recover Reports)
Office @ Cap au Diable

This is the right address, but no one is there to greet you. You'd better just get those reports and get back.

Objective: You have Olivia Darque's reports.

Mission Complete: You have recovered the reports and know what happened to Olivia Darque

Efficiency Expert Pither

Dr. Aeon has been messing with Olivia Darque and ended up kidnapping her? No wonder those reports were late.

Beat the truth out of Dr. Aeon

Efficiency Expert Pither

Dr. Aeon won't get away with kidnapping Darque like that. I contacted him but he denies everything Darque's assistant told you. I know he's lying though, his heart rate and blood pressure altered greatly while I asked him about it. I happen to have accessed his personal scheduler and know where he is right now. Be a good little villain and go and beat the snot out of the maniac until he gives up the truth about Darque.

Dr. Aeon won't just give you the info you want, you're going to have to beat it out of him.

Part 2: Beat the truth out of Dr. Aeon (Beat up Dr. Aeon)
Laboratory @ Grandville

Dr. Aeon's lab. Not high on the tourist spots of Cap au Diable.

Objective: You find Dr. Aeon's to do list among his effects.

Dr. AeonDr. Aeon [Elite Boss]
An unethical scientific genius, Dr. Aeon is not a man to be trifled with. Some think he may soon become a major player within Arachnos, assuming he survives the plans of his enemies.

Mission Complete: Dr. Aeon's To Do list tells you exactly what he did to Olivia Darque. He threw her into the Shadow Shard.

Efficiency Expert Pither

Dr. Aeon is insane, did I mention this? This isn't the first time he's tossed someone into the Shadow Shard for no real reason other than his demented mind told him to. If we're going to get Darque back, we're going to have to do it quick.

Find Olivia Darque

Efficiency Expert Pither

I've called in a couple favors and I have tasked you to get back Olivia Darque. You're going to have to go to the Shadow Shard itself and find her. This will bring her back to this plane of existence. It won't be easy, and I'm afraid we won't be able to recall you normally. But don't screw this up or this will put a black mark on all our records.

We believe that she's in a location called the 'Chantry'. It's supposed to house some kind of god, but he has shown no hostility, and apparently enjoys taking in strays. Once you've found Darque, you'll have to make it back to the portal yourself. I'm afraid I can't authorize the energy expenditure to transit you back. I'm sure you'll be able to make it out all right.

Part 3: Find Olivia Darque & escape (Find Olivia Darque)
Instanced Outdoor [Shadow Shard] @ Grandville

The Shadow Shard. A prison universe built to house a god.

Mission Complete: You have rescued Olivia Darque. Now you must escape the Shadow Shard.

Efficiency Expert Pither

To be honest, I didn't think you could pull it off, Dread Tomax. I was just about to write everything off as a wash when Darque phoned me to thank me for orchestrating her rescue. You've impressed me, Dread Tomax, now get back to work!

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