TutorialInvention Program: Enhancements


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  1. View Enhancement Information

Look at the Invention Enhancement Information

Professor Topffer

Invention Enhancements are a brand new type of Enhancements that you get to make. They're like traditional Enhancements but with more... kick. They can be slotted at three levels higher than yours, but, if my calculations are correct, and they always are, they can't be combined with other Enhancements.

But this, THIS will put some gas in your car! They don't expire as you level! And wait, there's more! Their effectiveness is constant and based on the level of the Recipe.

There are even new 'sets' of Invention Enhancements. Individual Enhancements make up these sets and they work like normal Invention Enhancements, but as you gather and slot your single Power within this 'set', it grants you bonuses. At any level! Imagine the bonuses if you had the WHOLE SET!!

Now go sift through those brown Storage Cylinders and see my instructions and Invention Enhancement samples. I want a report on those samples! I want to know what you think!

Go on! Hurry up! We've got so much to cover and you're just standing around!

Part 1: View Enhancement Information
Delivery @ Steel Canyon

Mission Complete: You sift through the manifest and read through the material.

ClueContainer Manifest

The manifest in this container details the new Invention Enhancement samples.

Professor Topffer

Well, you've passed my class with flying colors. It looks like your last stop is the Guidance Counselor.


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