OtherFight Malta agents in Peregrine Island


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  1. Combat Malta agents

Fight Malta agents in Peregrine Island


I need you to get and hold the attention of the Malta Group for a little while. Nothing to complicated, just fight their agents on the ground in Peregrine Island. They shouldn't be hard to find there, so this should be pretty easy. Aside from all the fighting and stuff.

Thanks! About 45 ofthem should be enough to hold their attention. Oh, and I should tell you that they mihgt be aware that you're coming, so if I were you I'd watch out for an ambush or something.

Part 1: Combat Malta agents (Defeat 50 Malta Operatives)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You've successfully distracted the Malta agents for whatever Indigo was planning.


You're a real life-saver, Red Tomax. I really can't tell you what you did, or how, or why I needed you to do that, but I can tell you that there's 4 senators, an archaeologist, and the pilot of a small plane who owe you their lives.

4 senators, an archeologist, and a pilot? You know, that sounds like the start of a joke.


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