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  1. Defeat Strauss & his handlers - 1:30:00

Capture Mr. Strauss and prevent the Nemesis Army from getting a hold inside the Malta Group


I'm looking for someone, Red Tomax, and I think you can help me. Only I know exactly where this person is, and that's the reason I need you to find him. He works for those mutual friends of ours, and goes by the code name Eagle Green. What those friends don't know is that he has a second employer whom he still works for under the name Lt. Westley Strauss. Also, unbeknownst to them, but beknownst to me, Mr. Strauss is about to report to that alternate employer right now. Since this alternate employer is the Nemesis Army, I think it could be bad if he's allowed to tell them all that they want to know. So, I want you to capture Mr. Strauss and prevent the Nemesis Army from getting a hold inside the Malta Group.

Let me warn you, though, there won't be much time to pull this off. You'll have maybe 90 minutes before Mr. Strauss takes off.

I've got the spot all laid out for you. It probably won't be anything too posh, but it should be very well protceted by Nemesis Army forces. Your target is Westley Strauss and whomever else is involved in his case. Now all you have to do is get there, fight or sneak you way past a platoon of three of the Nemesis Army, and wrap up Mr. Strauss. Easy!

Part 1: Defeat Strauss & his handlers - 1:30:00
Office @ Steel Canyon

Indigo's information is infallable as always. This innocuous office isn't innocent, but is actually a staging ground for the Nemesis Army.

Mission Complete: You captured Westley Strauss and prevented the Nemesis Army from learning anything.


Very well done, Red Tomax. The Nemesis Army likes to get their hands into everything, and the last thing I want is for them to start trying to manipulate another major group. Whether they succeed or are discovered, everyone else would lose in the end.


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