OtherMake sure Alfred is safe from the Carnival of Shadows


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all carnies in office
  2. Stop Ring Mistress & her troupe

Make sure Alfred is safe from the Carnival of Shadows

Madeleine Casey

I just got a call from Alfred van Bortel, a lawyer who I've been friends with for some time. He seemed to think he was in danger! He was too flustered to say much on the phone, but I gathered that it had something to do with that strange Carnival of Shadows. Will you get over there and make sure Alfred is safe?

For the life of me, I can't imagine why the Carnival would want to harm a middle-aged tax attorney. Can you?

Part 1: Defeat all carnies in office (Save Alfred von Bortel)
Office @ Kings Row

The moronic laughter of the Carnival's goons set your teeth on edge.

Mission Complete: You rescued Alfred von Bortel from the Carnival of Shadows, and learned that his client may be in danger.

ClueAlfred von Bortel's story

When you rescued Alfred von Bortel form the Carnival of Shadow's, he told you:

'It started last week, when I noticed some unusual chargeson the credit card of my client, Adrianna Hollister, Adrianna's a bit of a playgirl, so it wasn't too unusual to see her spend a lot of cash. But these charges ! Thousands of dollars funneled directly form Adrianna's credit card to a numbered Swiss bank account. Somthing wasn't right. I think Adrianna's being blackmailed! But when I started asking questions, these strange clowns came after me!

'The last I heard of Adrianna, she was going to a racein Brickstown. Please help her, Red Tomax! She could be in real trouble!'

Part 2: Stop Ring Mistress & her troupe (3 performers to save)
Office @ Talos Island

A happy-go-lucky melody plays tinnily over the shoddy speakers.

Mission Complete: You defeated Adrianna Hollister.

Madeleine Casey



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