Accomplishment BadgeRetrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Freak leader, his crew (Freakshow)

You have arrested one of the higher ranking members of the Freakshow.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Retrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow

Wilma Peterson

There's been a great deal of chaos on the streets of the city, and a good deal of it has been started by a gang called the Freakshow. This highly factionalized group of nihilistic anarchists has become dangerous, fueled by a drug called Excelsior and their unwavering hatred of 'the system'. Their tenacity and wild abandon make them dangerous opponents. I just got a tip that the Freakshow have raided the Lockhart Aerotech weapons lab and made off with a mighty arsenal. Will you retrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow?

The Freakshow aren't just thugs with guns. They're well armed, well equipped, and crazy. With all the Excelsior in their system, many Freaks can barely feel pain. What's more, lots of them have undergone radical cybernetic surgery to turn themselves into walking death machines. So this isn't going to be easy.

Part 1: Defeat Freak leader, his crew (6 weapons caches remaining)
Freakshow hideout (Freakshow)

Scientific notes litter the floor, each one detailing advances taht are now part of the Freakshow's arsenal.

Objective: you have secured a batch of advanced weapons.

ClueAdvanced weapons

These weapons are all highly advanced, some of them bordering on the exotic. you can only imagine how much havoc the Freakshow could have wrought with them.

Mission Complete: You have secured the weapons and defeated the Freakshow.

Awarded for completing the mission.
Wilma Peterson

You did everyone a big favour, Red Tomax The Freakshow get nost of their technology through theft, and I'm sure you'll agree that they don't need to get any more dangerous. Here, you should take some of the weapons you confiscated. I'm sure you'll make better use of them than the Freaks would.

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