Minor Story ArcThe Code Merlin


Mission Index

  1. Clean out Crey Facility
  2. Eliminate demons, secure cargo
  3. Take out the Archdemon

Notable Foes

  • Mission #3: ARCH-A, Arch-Villain (Circle of Thorns)

Clean out Crey facility of magical beasties

Tavish Bell

My bosses just called me. They are having a Code Merlin at one of their facilities. A Code Merlin is an emergency of magical nature. Now you may not be the best to handle this, or maybe you are. We just need the nasties cleared out so we can bring in a containment team.

Code Merlin is pretty serious, so don't expect this to be a bunch of fire imps running around. Oh, and don't spend any time looking around. There are things in there you aren't cleared for.

Part 1: Clean out Crey Facility (Poke around)
Laboratory @ Grandville

You have a job to do here, but maybe it might be a good idea to poke around a bit, too. You never know what you might learn.

Objective: You decude what Crey's goal here was.

ClueCrey's Experiment

You deduce that Crey was trying to create a human-demon hybrid using their Paragon Protectors as hosts.

Objective: You found something.

ClueA Research File

This file contains Crey's research on demonic genetics. It looks like Crey was trying to extract the equivalent of demonic DNA for use in their revenant program. From the looks of things, most of their DNA came from the same source, code-named 'ARCH-A'.

Mission Complete: You have defused the situation!

Tavish Bell

I'm what they call 'isolated' in the information chain, but what you are telling me is probably true. Calling a Code Merlin like that, then the demon-protector hybrid. And rumor is, something nastier got out before you even got there. Something called ARCH-A, but I don't know what that's about. The Company is probably experimenting with demonology and their Revenant Project, making Protectors who are part demon. And if you ask me that's... pretty cool, actually!

You're doing well.

Go to cargo vessel and eliminate demonic infestation

Tavish Bell

Turns out that a few of those demons and demonic Protectors got out of the facility before you arrived. We have a shipment of 'special' weapons coming in from our factories outside Paragon City, and the cargo ship just called with reports of... strange occurrences. Seems that the demons figured out we're bringing in the big guns. Looks like we're up to hiring you again, Dread Tomax, if you want the job.

I'll point you towards a troller that can get you out to the cargo ship.

Part 2: Eliminate demons, secure cargo (2 weapons crates to find, Eliminate all demons)
Cargo Ship @ Grandville

Find the crates before the demons so.

Objective: You located some of the weapons Crey was importing.

ClueDemon Fighting Weapons

You have recovered some weapons used in fighting demons. You are not sure exactly how they WORK though, as they look nothing like normal weapons

Mission Complete: You have recovered all the demon-fighting weapons.

Tavish Bell

Great. I will get these weapons off to our Crey teams. They should be able to round up the rest of those demons.

I've put your name in for a bonus.

Take out the Archdemon

Tavish Bell

I've got some good news and some bad news. Good news is we have located that ARCH-A thing that escaped from the facility before you arrived. The bad news is that 'ARCH-A' is some kind of Archdemon. And the worse news is, well, he broke back in to the facility! Our Crey security teams who went in there armed to the teeth with those demon-fighting weapons didn't last two minutes against his horde. Crey wants to know if you are up for one last job... take out that Archdemon and send him back to wherever he came from. Oh, and if I were you, I'd bring some friends along for this one. It could be kinda tough.

The Archdemon code-named ARCH-A broke into the former holding facility about an hour ago. We don't think there were any survivors, so it's pretty much a free-fire zone down there. Defeat it, though, and that should do the job. Just remember to bring some others along. This could be bad.

Part 3: Take out the Archdemon (Defeat the Archdemon)
Laboratory @ Grandville

You passed the bodies of several Crey guards getting to this point.

ARCH-AARCH-A [Arch-Villain]
The Baphomet is the oldest and most feared of the Behemoth Lords. The ground beneath its cloven feet burns with its own internal fire.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Archdemon. The thread is over.

Tavish Bell

Excellent work, Dread Tomax, Crey is depositing your fee into your account as we speak.

Souvenir: The Code Merlin

Tavish Bell is a Crey representative, who is authorized to contract out jobs deemed too difficult for Crey to handle on its own. One of those jobs happened to be a 'Code Merlin', a magical mishap in one of their labs. When you arrived in the lab you found it to be riddled with smoke and fires, and an air of dread surrounded you. You encountered many possessed scientists and eventually a demonically possessed Paragon Protector. You quickly deduce that this Protector is the cause of all this mess. Crey must have been experimenting with hybriding their Protectors with some demons from the Netherworld, and now you get to pick up the pieces, for a nice paycheck of course.

Tavish informed you of a shipment of weapons being imported from Paragon City to fight off the demons that escaped. Unfortunately the demons found out about this shipment and attacked the cargo ship before it could get to the Rogue Isles. You boarded the ship and secured the weapons, defeating many of the escaped demons in the process. You turned over the weapons to Tavish, so that Crey could finally clean up this mess themselves.

You then met with Tavish and he informed you that even with the weapons you secured, the Crey security was no match for the demons. He had the location of the Archdemon who masterminded everything. He was holed up in a sewer. You fought the Archdemon in the sewer, defeating him and severing the ties that bound his minions to this plane. Crey then made their promised deposit


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