Minor Story ArcThe Great Grun Gathering


Mission Index

  1. Steal device from Council
  2. Get location from Viridian
  3. Re-route Malta crates
  4. Get device from Dr. Creed
  5. Steal Sample and escape

Gather components for Victor von Grun

Vernon von Grun

Now that my basic research is complete, the next step is technological application. The design and assembly of all the pieces of the pieces of the apparatus I need is sadly beyond my skills. It pains me to admit it, but part of science is to gaze unflinchingly at truth. I am not a great engineer, but I am capable enough to know where to find the pieces I need. And that, my friend, is where you can help me once more. Are you ready, Dread Tomax? Are you ready to wreak the terrible will of Science?

Excellent! You are a true friend of science, Dread Tomax. Now then, the first item I will need is a telempathic amplifier. Operative Grillo requested the one I was planning to use, curse him! But I did find out that the Council has been working on a similar device. They most likely have it in a hidden compound, and I want you get it for me. Nothing else there matters, but if you wish to conduct some esperiments in mayem yourself while you're there, be my guest. In fact, here, take this! It's but the first fruit of my newfound understanding of the Devouring Earth! These insectoid predators have been modified to lay dormant until you throw them at an enemy. And they've even been tuned so that thay have almost no chance of attaking you!

Part 1: Steal device from Council (Find Amplifier)
Council Base @ Grandville

You're surprised to see a Council base down here. You wonder if Arachnos doesn't know about it, or just allow it to exist?

Objective: This patrol may have called for back-up!

Objective: This patrol may have called for back-up!

Objective: You found something

ClueTelempathic Amplifier

A telempathic Amplifier is a device which can boost the inherent ability of a user to broadcast basic emotions. They are designed to be used as weapons, but rarely see deployment, because if your telepath has a mood swing or is upset with a superior officer, it can spell disaster for friendly troops caught in the area of effect. Still, many groups like to keep one of these devices around, just in case.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the Council's Telempathic Amplifier!

Vernon von Grun

Ah! You have it! That's the first piece needed for my device! I haven't waited for something so eagerly since I ordered the chemistry set I used to genetically retro-engineer my dog when I was a boy. Even then they thought me mad! But they had no idea what I was truly capable of! What heights of science I will now reach, thanks to your villainous efforts!

Get the next component

Vernon von Grun

The next two components I will require will be a bit trickier to get. The first one is a special bio-warfare dispersal unit. As I have learned from numerous attempts to build one in the past, creating them is a skill I simply do not have. But The Malta Group is rumored to have one. Unfortunately, getting it from them will likely be rather complicated. But where there is science, there is a way, though perhaps a ludicrously complicated one.

Follow along as I outline the operation: Viridian the counter-intellignece expert is often in conflict with the Malta Group, and he knows the location of the Malta base where they currently have the dispersal unit. This facility is also where they do a great deal of resupply. The agent Viridian originally was going to have do this has come down with a sudden unexplained Will of the Earth infection, so he is looking for someone to enter the base tand divert some of their supply shipments to random destinations in an attempt to send the Malta Group's paranoia into overdrive. That is what I want you to talk to him about. You will do this for him, but you will also label the container with the dispersal unit in it so that it's destination will not be random, but will instead reach Dr. Creed on Mercy Isle. Creed was my mentor, once, and though we had a falling out when I refused to follow his visible cranial route, he will still help me with this. Recover the device from him, then return it to me.

Oh, and security will be tight. You'll have to get pass keys from guards. And you might want to avoid patrols. Here, take more bees with you. You may need them.

Part 2: Get location from Viridian
Delivery @ Grandville

Dread Tomax, huh? You looking for something to do. That's funny. I've got something for someone like you to do. I hate coincidences. They make me suspicious. And when the agent I was going to have undertake an operation suddenly becomes sick, then a villain comes up to me and asks if I could use some help with something, it make alarm bells in my head go off. Sure, you have a good reputation, but you could be a Nemesis Automaton for all I know. But there's no way around it. I need someone to enter a Malta base for a mission, and I'm out of time. You in?

Good. The operation is simple. Divert the destination of three crates. Change the shipping labels on them, and alter the shipping address in the inventory computer. You'll have to get passkeys off two sets of guards to gain access to all the compound.

Once you're done, we're done. Understand?

Part 3: Re-route Malta crates (4 crates to reroute, Adjust shipping computer, Get 1st pass key, Get 2nd pass key)
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

You wonder how long this base has been here? Was it in place back when you called Cap au Diable your home?

Objective: Now all of the labels you changed won't send up any red flags in Malta's shipping system for a while.

Objective: This crate will soon be on ti's way to a 'Justin Sinclair' in Paragon City.

Objective: This crate will soon be on it's way to just someone called 'Crimson' on Peregrin Island.

Objective: This crate will soon be on it's way to a 'Hiram Rollins' in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Objective: The patrol has raised an alarm!

Objective: This Bio-weapon Dispersal Unit will soon be on it's way to Dr. Creed.

Mission Complete: You have misrouted all the packages and altered the records.

Part 4: Get device from Dr. Creed
Delivery @ Mercy Island
Dr. Creed

Why, yes, Dread Tomax, I did receive that package. Vernon von Grun told me to expect it. Vernon and I did have a falling out, but I still respect him. He was so intent on keeping his useless end unnecessary skull! But perhaps I was too hard on him. He should have become a full-fledged mad scientist long ago, and I've always felt that perhaps if I had beed willing to accommodate his pro-cranial eccentricity, he might have been there today. SO I am glad to know that he is still trying. I think that having a respected and feared villain like yourself aiding his mad schemes will help Vernon finally break through.

And look at you! I remember seeing you run around Mercy Island committing unspeakable acts of mayhem and violence. How often I thought back then that either you would go far, or the dissection of your body would prove more interesting. And while there is still time for the latter, I am glad to see that you'vedone very well for yourself.

ClueBioweapon Dispersal Device

This devise is built to gently but very effectively disperse a bio-warfare agent into the atmosphere. You have to wonder what Vernon von Grun needs this for.

Vernon von Grun

At last! Now there is only one last thing I need, on last component. Unfortunately, it is being held by Longbow in a heavily fortified island base. But that should be no obstacle to you! Indeed, for what can auto-turrets and dedicated soldiers do to stop the inexorable advance of science!

Steal Will of the Earth from heavily defended Longbow island base

Vernon von Grun

You've gotten me the bio-weapon disperser and the Telempathic amplifier. Now, there is only one last central element I will need: A sample of the Will of the Earth! Longbow has a sample gained from their battles against the Devouring Earth safely sealed away in a research bunker on a tiny island. All of my plans now rely on you getting into that Island and getting that sample for me.

But be careful! You won't be able to recall out, and Longbow is rumored to have an elite agent stationed there, code-named Indigo. She'll probably attack once you've made your move. I'd highly recommend that you bring some cronies with you.

The sample itself should be in a heavily guarded bunker, no doubt being analyzed by those fools. As if their primitive minds could truly comprehend the uses the Will of the Earth could be put to! As if their undeveloped brains could imagine the scientific breakthroughs awaiting he who dares to confront the truth behind the comforting illusions of the so-called real world! Remember! There is no teleport out, and once you have the sample you will be hounded by small-minded and petty fools. Take more bees! It's my last batch, but I give it to you willingly! Now go! For science!

Part 5: Steal Sample and escape (Take Will of the Earth, Find Mission Exit)
@ Grandville

This base is buzzing with Longbow activity. This won't be easy.

Objective: You have the sample of the Will of the Earth. Now you just need to get it out.

ClueA dangerous sample

You took these refrigerated impact-proof containers of strange burbling purple fluid from a Longbow base. This stuff is the Will of the Earth, a telephatic semi-intelligent bacterial sludge that turn rocks, trees, and even people into monstrous creatures of the Devouring Earth. Whatever Vernon von Grun is planning to do with this stuff, it can't be good.

Even chilled to dormancy, you can still feel faint telepathic feelings emanating from this stuff.

Mission Complete: You stole the sample of the Will of the Earth from Longbow!

Vernon von Grun

Let me see the samples! Ah! Look at them! The scientific wonder! The malign intent! This stuff is the very philosopher's stone of mad science! But it is only raw, raw and unshaped. No, the true mad scientist must always push further, look beyond what is in front of him! And I will be that true mad scientist!

Soon, the experiments will be done! In the annals of science, I will make certain that your name will be there with mine. That way when future generations of scentists look back on what we were able to accomplish, they'll know that they too must acquire the service of a villain of your caliber to make the kinds of legendary experiments we are creating here!

Souvenir: A Hermetically Sealed Capsule

This hermetically sealed capsule once held a sample of the dangerous telepathic semi-intelligent mutagenic bacteria know as 'The Will of the Earth'. You stole it from Longbow for Vernon von Grun in an escapade you remember as:

The Great Grun Gathering

You'd worked with Vernon von Grun before, helping him to complete his basic research on the Devouring Earth, and was ready for the next big step. Vernon told you that he'd need several pieces thet he couln't build himself for watherver it is he's planning. You were able to help get the first piece he'd need: A 'Telempathic Amplifier' you stole from the Council.

The next item Vernon needed was a bio-weapon dispersal device used for spreading out a bio-warfare agent. It took a lot of convoluted work, but in the end you managed to get one out from under the nose of the Malta Group.

The Last piece was a sample of the Will of the Earth mutagenic bacteria that was sealed off under Longbow guard. You still got the sample out of their base and back to Vernon. While he took the sample itself for his own mad schemes, he had no problem with you keeping the container it came in as a memento.


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