Minor Story ArcCrimson Hunt


Mission Index

  1. Find who took contract against Arachnos
  2. Interrogate Aurelia Nine
  3. Defeat Agent Crimson

Notable Foes

Find who took contract against Arachnos

Shadow Spider

Arachnos has to be careful with their activities. While the Rogue Isles is a nation unto itself, the global community watches us constantly, waiting for the opportunity to tear us apart. Every nation in the world has its dirty secrets, and we're no exception. The trick for keeping us under the global radar is misdirection, and outright treachery. Occasionally, however, there is someone on the other side of the fence who knows these tricks as well. And that's who you're going to deal with. There are some files detailing Arachnos operations which have gone missing. These files could blow a lot of Arachnos plans wide open, so we need to recover those files before they fall into the wrong hands. The theft was expertly done, judging by how the Arachnos guards were dealt with. I've seen this type of work before, and I have no doubt the Knives of Artemis are involved. Arachnos has no real problem with Malta and the Knives of Artemis operating in the Rogue Isles, but the deal is - if they push, we push back. Malta has a base here in Grandville. Hit the Malta base and find who took the contact on Arachnos assets.

Malta won't give up their agents easily, but given the proper persuasion they'll cut their losses by giving the info we need.

Part 1: Find who took contract against Arachnos (Defeat Malta leader & crew.)
Laboratory @ Grandville

Malta won't give up their agents easily. You'll have to do this the hard way.

Objective: Boss Granger tells you about the contract against Arachnos

ClueFreelance Work

Boss Granger in the Malta base explained a Knives of Artemis team headed up by Aurelia Nine was contracted by a private party in St. Martial to help him infiltrate an Arachnos base. Granger gives you the location of the temporary Knives hideout in St. Martial.

Mission Complete: You found out who took the contract against Arachnos!

Shadow Spider

So the Knives of Artemis were contracted by a private party, eh? Well, it could be a rival power group like the Council. This isn't Nemesis' style. I'd speculate Longbow, but it's pretty dirty work for most of their agents - unless they have someone high-profile and hardcore. Hrm...

Interrogate Aurelia Nine

Shadow Spider

Now that we know the location of the Knives of Artemis who took the contract to extract the information from the Arachnos base, it's time to pay Aurelia Nine a little visit. She won't give up the name of her contact easily, but from what I know of your capabilities, you might be able to convince her. Head over to the warehouse where the Knives of Artemis are holed up and get information on the data thief.

I know about Aurelia Nine. Be prepared to be ambushed at every turn.

Part 2: Interrogate Aurelia Nine (Defeat Aurelia Nine)
Abandoned Office @ St. Martial

The Knives of Artemis are deadly hunters. Aurelia Nine won't go quietly.

Objective: Aurelia Nine tells you about Agent Crimson.

ClueAgent Crimson

Aurelia Nine tells you she did a background check on the private party who hired her Knives for the theft from the Arachnos base. Turns out the private party in question was a Longbow deep-cover agent code-named 'Crimson'. He has a reputation for getting the job done by whatever means necessary. Aurelia Nine tracked Crimson to an abandoned office in St. Martial.

Mission Complete: You interrogated Aurelia Nine!

Shadow Spider

Ah, Agent Crimson. I should have expected him. It all makes sense now - he's the kind of Longbow agent who I'd expect to deal with Malta like this. We're going to have our hands full with him.

Defeat Agent Crimson

Shadow Spider

Now that we've located where Agent Crimson is, we need to hit him before he realizes we're on to him. He's likely going to try to escape with the files if he is becoming overwhelmed, so be prepared for that! Head over to the office and capture Agent Crimson. If you manage to pull this off, there's going to be a BIG bonus for you from Arachnos!

Agent Crimson is a tough and cagey individual, so you might want backup.

If we succeed, Arachnos' secrets will be safe. If we fail, Arachnos is going to have problems. Remember that Crimson will likely attempt to escape when the chips are down, and he's a VERY resourceful individual. Use whatever edge you can to prevent him from escaping.

Part 3: Defeat Agent Crimson (Stop Agent Crimson from escaping)
Office/Sewers @ St. Martial

It looks like the office is already crawling with Longbow. Agent Crimson must not escape!

Agent CrimsonAgent Crimson [Hero]
Rumours abound throughout the villain underground about two incredibly dangerous government operatives, code-named Agent Crimson and Agent Indigo. Crimson is the wet-work specialist. A highly-trained agent with superhuman senses, Crimson has cut down several potential threats to the world before they could achieve their plans.

Mission Complete: You defeated Agent Crimson!

Shadow Spider

Another day, another Longbow agent. It's nice to play on the winning side, isn't it?

On mission failure: You let Agent Crimson escape? I definitely over-estimated your competence. I think we're finished doing business.

Souvenir: Crimson Hunt

It all started when Shadow Spider spoke to you about a theft which occurred at a high-profile Arachnos base. Judging by the way the Arachnos guard were taken care of, Shadow Spider suspected the Knives of Artemis. Since Malta works closely with the Knives, Shadow Spider sent you to find more information by invading a local Malta base. You discovered a Knives of Artemis sisterhood led by Aurelia Nine had taken the contract against Arachnos with an unnamed private party from St. Martial, and learned the location of Aurelia Nine's temporary base.

Traveling to St. Martial, you hit the warehouse and tracked down Aurelia Nine. She related how she did further digging into the private party she took the contract with and discovered he was actually a deep-cover Longbow agent code-named 'Crimson'. Shadow Spider heard of him, and realized it wasn't going to be easy taking him down.

Traveling to Agent Crimson's secret hideout in St. Martial, you tracked him to the sewers underneath an office building there for a final showdown.

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