CostumeDefeat Tsoo to protect Icon store


Mission Index

  1. Protect Serge from the Tsoo (Tsoo)

Defeat Tsoo to protect Icon store


I was wondering if you could do me a favor. The Tsoo have been asking for protection money from this store, but we can't make this week's payment. Perhaps you could send a message to the Tsoo, by arresting some of their thugs. Maybe then we can get them to stop shaking us down. If you do this favor for me, I can reward you with an extra outfit that you can change into.

You can find Tsoo all over Talos Island.

Part 1: Protect Serge from the Tsoo (Defeat 30 Tsoo)
Defeat x (Tsoo)

Mission Complete: The Tsoo get the idea. They will leave Serge and his shop alone now.


Thank you, Red Tomax! The Tsoo won't be coming around here anymore knowing that you have our backs. Lets get that extra outfit made up for you now!

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