OtherCapture the portal research facility and retrieve any Rikti portal research


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  1. Defeat Pollti and assistants

Capture the portal research facility and retrieve any Rikti portal research

Angus McQueen

Attempts to track Rikti use of stolen Portal Corporation technology have met with limited success up to now, but there has been a possible breakthrough. Monitoring has located what may be a temporary Rikti facility for portal research. I have been authorized to ask for your assistance to capture the portal research facility and retrieve any Rikti portal research.

Your goal will be to defeat the Rikti's head researcher, who we believe is called Pollti, and his assistants. You must also recover the results of any research conducted by the Rikti.

We are currently able to trace Rikti transits and stop them because they are using Portal Corporation technology. If they were to discover a means of disguising their transit or re-building their own transit network, it could present a serious danger to the Earth.

Part 1: Defeat Pollti and assistants
@ Crey's Folly
Angus McQueen

From the report you found and the data gathered at the scene, it appears that this research was a greater theat than anticipated. The research being conducted was concentrating on determining the reason why our home Earth...

That is, why the Rikti home Earth had been cut off from contact with our dimension

This report is very interesting. I retain some knowledge of Rikti writing, but the finer points of this are difficult. They would likely be difficult even with a full knowledge of Rikti written communication modes. The report is mainly written in Primary, the Rikti technical leanguage, but the author is using words and Thought: Modes from other languages to describe the barrier. There are sections in Archival, the language used for historical records, and in Mortal, the language used by the Lineage of War. It's as if they were trying to describe the interdimensional barrier as a magical effect. Fascinating.


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