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  1. Combat Carnival menace

Do battle with the Carnival

Harvey Maylor

No matter what I print, no one seems to take the Carnival seriously. People just keep going to their parties, getting portions of their souls siphoned off, and believing they had a great time! Someone's got to stop this, and I think you're the one to do it. People have a lot of respect for you around here; if they see you in battle with the Carnival, they might get the message. What do you say, Red Tomax? Want to set a good example?

Thanks. I really think this will do some good.

Part 1: Combat Carnival menace (Defeat 50 Carnies)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough carnies to make an impression on the civilians.

Harvey Maylor

Good work, Red Tomax. People won't be so eager to go to a Carnival matinee after that sweep you made. The Carnival present themselves as a legitimate business; it's up to us to show people their true face.


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