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  1. Combat Carnival in Peregrine

Do a guest article for the Tattler

Harvey Maylor

My front page is looking a little light for tomorrow, Red Tomax, and I was wondering if you'd do me a big favor. I've been wanting to do a story on the Carnival activity over in Peregrine Island. They've been harassing people as usual, then making their victims forget what happened. If people are ever to understand the Carnival's depravity, they need to see these things with their own eyes. Trouble is, most of my photographers don't want to get near the Carnival, and I can't say that I blame them. Care to do a guest article for the Tattler?

I can just see it, in bold block letters. 'The Carnival: Through Red Tomax's Eyes!' If I were you, I'd start near Mera Heights or Poseidon Square.

ClueHarvey's old camera, 'Louise'

A peace sticker decorates the worn case of this twin lens reflex camera, which looks like it could easily be fifty years old.

Part 1: Combat Carnival in Peregrine (Defeat 50 Carnies)
Defeat X @ Peregrine Island

Mission Complete: You have enough material for an article on the Carnival of Shadows.

ClueCarnival snapshots

You took these photos while you were battling the Carnival in Peregrine Island. There's one in particular that might make a good front page: a carnie leans in close to the camera, sticking her tongue out. Behind her concealing mask, you can see her lovely green eyes narrowed in contempt.

Harvey Maylor

Not too bad, not too bad. Kid, you may have journalist in you after all. These photos should show people the carnies as they truly are. Now, about the byline: do you want to be 'Red Tomax' or just 'anonymous hero?'


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