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Mission Index

  1. Rescue Freedom Corp trainer
  2. Speak with Crimson
  3. Save Jason from the Malta Group

Rescue Freedom Corp trainer from the Malta Group


I've discovered that something very bad is about to happen to a good person. Or maybe I should say, already has happened, but it's not too late to fix it. A Freedom Corp trainer has been taken by agents of the Malta Group. You need to get him out of their hands.

The trainer's name is Jason, but he might be acting a little out of it. You'll have to forgive him that, he's not really himself right now. You'll need to free him from Malta, and take out the agents in charge of the operation. They're being led by an operative code-named Cipher Grey. After you've done that, you'll need to talk to Crimson.

Part 1: Rescue Freedom Corp trainer (Locate Freedom Corp trainer)
Abandoned Office @ The Hollows

This mission seems clear-cut, but something still troubles you. Indigo is usually mysterious at best, but you feel that there's more going on here than you know.

Mission Complete: You rescued Jason, a Freedom Corp trainer who had been captured by agents of the Malta Group.

Part 2: Speak with Crimson
Delivery @ Peregrine Island

Good to see you again, Red Tomax. The man you rescued, and who I am about to send you to rescue again, is the victim of some pretty heinous work. Poor Jason is a good kid, who through no fault of his own, got tagged for 'forcible recruitment' by our mutual friends. They do that. Find ways to make people work for them. In his case, they used some invasive mental conditioning. 'Manchurian Candidate' stuff, processes developed back in the old CIA MK-Ultra experiments in the 60's and improved ever since. Jason was set up to gather information on every meta-human and paranormal he worked with and funnel it to his controllers. Information they could use to kill or control anyone they thought could be a threat.

The good news is that the conditioning starts to wear off after about a year. The bad news is that they know this, and have an implanted suggestion that makes the conditioned operative return for another session.

That's right, Red Tomax. Jason's headed back. This should be the last time, though.

Part 3: Save Jason from the Malta Group (Locate Freedom Corp trainer)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Kings Row

According to Crimson, this is the location Jason will be drawn to. Now it's up to you to keep him from returning to the Malta Group and their mind control.

Mission Complete: You once again rescued Jason, a Freedom Corp trainer who was being controlled by the Malta Group.


You did a really good thing today, Red Tomax. Jason's missed his next control session, and now Malta thinks he's being watched too closely for another brainwashing attempt. He shouldn't have any more trouble, except for some bad dreams here and there. But I think we can both agree that's ok compared to the alternative.


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