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  1. Save Dan Irish from Knives - 2:00:00

Stop the assasination of Dan Irish


I hate camping, Red Tomax. Personally, I don't get it. We've spent 10,000 years developing civilization, and people still like to go out and sleep in the woods. But some people do. And what I want you to do is stop someone from getting it while they're camping. The personin question is a reporter named Dan Irish. He's enjoying the great outdoors, and is about to be killed for getting a little too close to some nasty truths in a book he's working on. The killers are the Knives of Artemis. I want you to stop the assasination of Dan Irish. You'll need to act fast, though. Dan's no woodsman, I'll be surprised if he can evade the Knives of Artemis for more than 2 hours.

Dan's book, "As if by an Occult Hand:Secrets Behind the News" is going to be very interesting when it comes out, but it won't see the light of day if the Knives kill him. I've called for an emergency force field to be erected around the area where Dan's camping. That should help you find him quickly and get him out. There's a light rail stop near the preserve where he's staying. Hopping a rail is your best bet at getting there in time.

Part 1: Save Dan Irish from Knives - 2:00:00 (Find Dan Irish)
Instanced Outdoor[Black Sands Nature Preserve] @ Board Train

This nature preserve is one of the few natural areas still open to the public within Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You saved the reporter Dan Irish from the Knives of Artemis.


You pulled it off, Red Tomax! Dan dodged the Knives thanks to you. He might actually live long enough to finish his book. I can't wait to see the faces of certain prominent persons in national government when that hits the shelves. I'm also glad to see you show up the Knives of Artemis. They always hate to lose, and I love to see it when they do.


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