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Mission Index

  1. Talk to Paco Sanchez (Rikti)
  2. Talk to Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard
  3. Talk to Sgt. Justin Greene
  4. Defeat all villains in memorial

Earn a Cape

City Representative

Welcome, Red Tomax. I have been asked recently to devise a task in honor of the late, great Hero 1, who gave his life to seal our world off from that of the Rikti invaders. Those heroes who complete the task will be given the right to wear capes, as a living tribute to Hero 1's memory. If you are as valiant as your contacts tell me, this task should be quite easy for you. Do you wish to earn a cape?

The task is very simple. I merely wish you to learn the history of Hero 1. I've contacted several people whose lives were touched by him. They've all agreed to meet with you, and tell you a little bit about his history.

Part 1: Talk to Paco Sanchez
Delivery @ Galaxy City (Rikti)
Paco Sanchez

So you're here to learn about Hero 1? I remember him well. When the first Rikti attacks came, Hero 1 took me into the most devastated neighbourhoods so that I could aid the wounded. I've never been more scared in my life. But Hero 1? He never flinched. He made it possible for me to save a lot of lives back then. You should to talk to Suzanne Bernhard now. I know she's eager to talk to you.

Part 2: Talk to Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard
Delivery @ Skyway City
Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard

When I first met Hero 1, I was working as a beat cop, trying to keep a few city blocks clean and safe. No one helped me more than he. Hero 1 helped me crack down on the gangsters. There was no lead he couldn't follow. But he always made sure that the people he busted got fair treatment from the police, and the best counsel the city could supply. I respected that. you should talk to Justin Greene now. He used to be one of Hero 1's teammates; he may know more about him than anyone.

Part 3: Talk to Sgt. Justin Greene
Delivery @ Independence Port
Justin Greene

To tell the truth, I've been carrying around a lot of guilt about not being able to accompany Oemga Team on their last journey. See, Hero 1 wasn't just my teammate, he was also my best friend. he saved my life more than once, and when I lost my powers, he helped me find a new purpose, in helping our community. He told me I could still be a hero, and in teh end, I guess I kind of believe him.

If you really want a cape, I think you should go on down to the Hero 1 memorial. It's nothing fancy; he wouldn't have liked that. but before Hero 1 and Omega Team left this world, they put together a time capsule. They knew they wouldn't be coming back. It's just a few things: letters to their children, old high school photos, things to help people remember who they were. The city hasn't opened it yet because, well, people don't like to admit Omega Team is never coming back here. The plan is to open it on the seventh anniversary of the heroes' sacrifice.

Part 4: Defeat all villains in memorial (Protect the time capsule)

This old Rikti bunker has been largely unused since Hero 1 and his team used it to access the Rikti homeworld. But here and there you can see footsteps in the dust: signs that Omega Team has not been forgotten.

Objective: The temptation to look inside the time capsule is almost unbearable. But you cannot bring yourself to break the seal.

Mission Complete: You saved the time capsule!

City Representative

I'm very proud to bestow upon you the right to wear a cape. I know Hero 1 himself would be glad to see you wearing it. you represent everything he died fighting for. Maybe we don't say it enough, Red Tomax, but this city is lucky to have you.

You have impressed me, Red Tomax. You are truly one of the best.

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