OtherStop the Knives of Artemis from massacring a law firm


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  1. Disrupt Knives' attack - 1:00:00

Stop the Knives of Artemis from massacring a law firm


I've got another job for you, Red Tomax. A very nasty bit of business that's sure to leave a lot of people dead and even more lives ruined. I can't tell you how I know about this, or who's involved, but the Knives of Artemis are about to do a bit of dirty work for their employers. The Knives have been hired to eliminate a small legal firm called Beecham & Becksley that has a fair bit of history. Their plan is to massacre everyone and then pin it on another group. I want you to stop the Knives of Artemis from massacring that law firm.

The Knives work to a pretty tight time table, so you probably won't have more than 60 minutes to save that firm.

The Knives of Artemis are top-notch mercenaries, Red Tomax. They're very brutal and they're very thorough, but they are mercenaries. So if they think the operation's going badly, they'll pull out. If you can upset their plans, it should disrupt their time table enough to make them quit the operation. In order to do that, you'll need to find the people they've rounded up and free them, and disarm the firebombs they're going to use to gut the place and cover their tracks. All in 60 minutes. Easy!

Part 1: Disrupt Knives' attack - 1:00:00 (3 victims to save, 4 bombs to disarm)
Office @ The Hollows

No one else in this building seems to be aware of the Knives' attack. The law office of Beecham & Becksley was their only target, and they've struck with surgical precision.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Knives of Artemis' attack and saved the law firm.


I'm glad you were able to save Beecham & Becksley, Red Tomax. They have a long history in the often obscure field of meta-human civil rights. That's not so big a deal these days, but that used to be quite a major issue. I can't tell you more than that, of course, but you did save a lot of lives today.


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